The gateway to Bergisch Land!

Hello, my name is Oliver. I live in Odenthal which calls itself the gateway to Bergisch. The picture shows the roundabout to Odenthal, the stone structure is supposed to be the gateway to Bergisch. From here I start tours through Bergische and elsewhere. The big cities of Cologne and Düsseldorf, as well as Leverkusen and Bergisch-Gladbach drive through here to get into the Bergisch. On nice weekends it is so crowded that you can no longer get your left hand on the handlebars. Not only motorcyclists but also motorcyclists without motor, families with children and dogs and hikers of all kinds make their trips here. I like to start a week, look for nice routes and visit restaurants on the way, which I also introduce here. I wish you a lot of fun on my side, maybe you will meet on the street.

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