Tour 20

After I was at the Gasthof Happe for the BvdM's tour entropy last weekend, at 10 a.m., today I went again on my own. The breakfast with all the trimmings and as much as you want for 5 euros had me so excited that this time I wanted to eat a dish from the menu. Rump steak with french fries and salad with plenty of mayo for 12.5 euros. I estimate the meat to be 250 grams, forgot to ask, but that's not a mass-market product either. Flavored meat !. Delighted again.

Don't be fooled by the sachet of mayo, asked nicely and a whole bowl came out.

Not only the food and the prices are great there, somehow the whole village seems to be geared towards motorcyclists. Not a single evil look, and not only that, everyone greets them friendly here too and you get into conversation quickly. Without having to do anything about it.

The total distance was 340km. Unfortunately too far to eat here all the time. I've read that a single room with FS is available for 33 euros. I haven't been there yet, but I'll do it soon. Dogs are also allowed.

This courtyard is a few meters further on. Further back is the covered parking lot for the mopeds, and this is where barbecues are held or smoked.

Here are a few more pictures of the view from the Calvary. There are really nice things to see here! ^^

By the way, I paid a total of 18 euros. I was there around 1.30 p.m. The shop has lunch break until 4 p.m. But since I was there for the second time, I knew how to get something to drink. 2 beers, 2 coffees and the food.

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Total distance: 333.86 km

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