After I was at the dealer with my defective bus and I was told that my ECU was defective, I had the old one given to me to test in winter. With the Powervision you can read out a lot of data about the machine, including the part number of the ecu.

I can't say anything about the accuracy of the Powervision, at least the number of the given ECU and my data did not match.

If anyone knows more about it, I would like this information.


Information about the bus system!

Here is some simple information about the bus system of your cars / motorcycles.

This system is basically the same as your computers / laptops or tablets and cell phones that you have at home. The internet is the largest bus system there is. But there is a small difference. This system must also be safe at 200 km / h on the motorway. You know yourself what it takes to be able to go on the streets in Germany.

I was told in the garage that this system was totally sensitive and under no circumstances should I do anything with it myself. I had heated grips, no fuses in there because it was warm enough, but that should have been to blame for my bus problems.

Even now, when converting the turn signal, I didn't work very professionally. Three different cable thicknesses used, the whole thing soldered and assembled with luster terminals and calculated with 12 volts to calculate the resistance. The battery voltage changes when, for example, the alternator is on. Can then go up to almost 14 volts.

I've driven over 500km since the turn signal conversion and I haven't had any problems. Until now, of course. The turn signals stayed the same, and the heat and a little rain didn't bother the motorcycle either.


Conversion to LED indicators!

One of the rear indicators on my moped came on. I had planned to install LED indicators there anyway and get some for 20 euros by the big river. With ABE. You don't have to take any notes with you because the test mark is on the glass.

So that the LED turn signals flash at the same rate, they must have the same resistance / wattage as the old ones.

10 watt light bulbs were installed in my turn signals, the LEDs have 0.5 watts.

So that the values ​​are the same, a power resistor should be set in parallel. Load-independent relays also work, but difficult with my moped.

You can of course buy the resistors at the moped dealer, these cost 46 cents in the electronics store.

Apparently calculated correctly right away. The indicators are in time.


Addendum: Since I lost one of the 15 ohm resistors yesterday during my ride, due to my ingenious construction it grinded the wheel, just then installed 20 ohms.

Works too!

The lost screw!

On the way back on the Czech Republic I lost the fitting screw for the gear lever.

Not so easy to get a part.

So ordered tube, ne normal m12 * 1.0 and tinker.

Then sawn to size. Plus washer and on we go.

Pressed the sleeve into the vice and screwed it on again, some grease and this time the screws glued in.

And quickly added a 12 volt and USB connection.

Oil change!

I bought my machine 4 years old with 2000 km. According to the previous owner, it is better to make the first oil change directly. Is an import model, only had a 2 year warranty, not like the 5 bought here.

Called Indian, only use the original oil, bring 25 euros of the liter and container with you. Local dealers asked, 20w40 is also possible in our latitudes (normal 15w60). Have it done then, but should sign that I do it at my own risk.? At the FMC store there is an oil (20w40) where it says that it exceeds the Indian specifications and is suitable for all Indian models from 2013.

Well, the moped didn't break now, but I still wanted to know more about it.

Aral has everything you need to know about it. (Lubricant technology). But do you need a degree for.

For everyone else, a 15w60 with API-SM specification is perfectly fine. There is no guarantee whistle, I spoke to someone from Motul who offer an oil for half the Indian price. Same specification.

I learned something about the Indianoel via detours. I don't think I would do that publicly in writing. I'm happy to tell you when we meet. ^^

In the German instruction manual of the Indian there is only something of recommendations. It can be done quite differently in English. You can find both on the Internet.

Tires balance

Reifen wuchten

Everyone has probably changed a tire before. Nothing else is different with a motorcycle than with a bicycle. Just combined with a little more effort. But even balancing the wheel after changing is very easy. The device at the top of the picture helps. The holder is inserted through the removed wheel. There are different sizes. The rod can be bought accordingly. Then fix and just put the wheel with the bar on the bearings and let it turn. The heaviest part of the wheel is below. Then stick a few weights on top, slowly increase, and let it turn again. The faster the wheel turns, the more weights have to be attached. Repeat this until it stops. Possibly make another quarter turn to see if it behaves the same everywhere. If nothing moves by itself, the wheel is balanced. It is important that the balancing device bearings run smoothly. So see that everything is straight and the bearings oil.

Repair parts for the Indian Scout

Reparaturteile für die Indian Scout

After a lambda sensor on my moped was defective, I needed a replacement. However, I found the original Indian spare parts too expensive, so I looked around for accessories online. I found it at Baixinde who sold me a probe for 1/3 of the price. By the way, the original probe only lasted 10,000 km. The new one from Baixinde, equipped directly with the right plug, has now been installed for 5000 km and works like a one. The parts also have the same part number as the originals.

The Indian Scout bus system

Das Bussystem der Indian Scout

I did a little research because of my problems with my bus system.

According to my information, a Bosch ME 17.9.74 system is built into the motorcycle, the core of which is an Infinion Tricore chip (TC 1762). If you want to try it, there is an interface to buy with which the system can be edited. The interface is called USBTIN and can be bought at the big river for about 30 euros. At Google there is more information, for example a page where the handling of it is already explained quite well. There is also software to operate the USBTIN. There is all information on the TC 1762 on the Infinion page. For example, which commands are good for what.

Infinion TC 1762 Beschreibung

Abs problem

Abs – Problem

After a ride in January I suddenly had no abs. According to the dealer, the ABS sensor on the rear wheel was defective and should be replaced. Since this is my first motorcycle with a bus system, I of course believed it. Since the repair should cost 200 euros, the first had to be postponed. By chance I got to know an expert who simply gave me the tip to clean the encoder wheel. I had spoken to the workshop about it several times, the streets here are salted in winter, the sensor is to be replaced. What can I say, the wheel was cleaned with sandpaper for 10 minutes and the error was gone.

Thanks again to the expert.

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