Herzogenhof in Odenthal

Yesterday we were back at the Herzogenhof for a long time. Very disappointing again this time.

There were four different service staff at our table who did not manage to take the order correctly despite repeated repetitions. And what finally arrived at the table was not exactly good. The cream sauce for the schnitzel didn't taste good, the fries were mushy, and I couldn't taste whether the salad even had a dressing. And at prices where you can get really good food on the table elsewhere.

Naja in einem halben Jahr nochmal testen…..

Schützenburg in Burscheid

Yesterday evening I was in the Sch├╝tzenburg in Burscheid. Good weather so that we could sit outside. The service was very quick and friendly and the food was also very good. All of the meat on my plate was fried very well and of good quality too. The fries were also on point. Before that there was some bread with a very tasty cream. My ex was also happy with your bacon pancake. The beer prices absolutely okay. Good gaff. And there were a few presents on top. ^^

Been there for the second time. One of the best ChimiChuri I've ever tasted.

Küchenhof in Altenberg

The second recommendation from my distant friend to the rock star. I tattooed him from top to bottom, got to know an old pair of jeans and a casual top with long wild hair. When paying, he pulled a wad of money out of his pocket and drove away in his expensive car.

Wir kamen hier mit 3 Hunden an, meine Ex-Frau in Leggins und ich mit meiner Harley-Jeans und dem Aldi-Drehtabak auf dem Tisch.

The rock star may have felt a little strange here in the first few minutes, but that is sure to evaporate quickly, just like with us

A visually really nice inner courtyard, fits exactly into the immediate vicinity of the Altenberg Cathedral. I managed to get around the toilet but do not doubt that everything inside is just as clean and tidy as outside.

Ich hatte jetzt gedacht in so einem, eher gehobenen Restaurant, bezahle ich mich dumm und dämlich um satt zu werden, wurde aber auch da eines Besseren belehrt.

The prices for this high quality food are very moderate.

Hier lässt einem schon das Aussehen des Essens das Wasser im Mund zusammen laufen. Genauso wie es aussieht schmeckt es auch.

Before that, there was some bread with a cream, so that the starter and main course were easily enough to fill me up.

As a woman, of course, something sweet had to follow.

For me at the moment no restaurant for every day, but if there is something special to celebrate there is a very good choice.

Marines in Wuppertal

Marines in Wuppertal

A fleeting acquaintance recommended this restaurant to me. Of course I had to go. Unfortunately the day was very rainy so I could not find the nice beers. The service organized a great place for me even though I hadn't reserved.

The service was really great, and not just in the space.

It is not a typical Spanish restaurant, the food in my opinion more Portuguese.

The quality could already be seen and then tasted, and at prices that are absolutely fine.

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