Led turn signals in front!

After that worked so well at the rear, LED indicators are now also installed in the front.

Mit dem Verständniss was ich da tue haperts aber noch. Ich hatte gelesen das manche die Dinger ganz ohne Wiederstände anbauen. Das hat bei mir nicht funktioniert. Die Blinkfrequenz war zwar gut doch hatte ich dann auch ein Taglicht. Sie haben durchgehen geleuchtet. Dann doch Wiederstände angebaut, und zwar einmal 8 Ohm und einmal 20?. Das Taglicht ist aus und die Blinker blinken nun gleichmäßig?

Bei der Indian werden die Blinker überein sogenanntes Load-Module angesteuert. Gibt es natürlich keine Informationen drüber. Möchte meins jetzt auch nicht ausbauen und aufmachen, das hängt noch einiges anderes dran. Falls aber jemand mal ein defektes hat, her damit. ist doch interessant da mal rein zu schauen obs das was zu holen gibt.

Action Cam

Nachdem ich meine Erste geschrottet habe, der USB-Connector hat das ständige anstecken nicht vertragen, mußte was Neues her. Ganze 7 Euro teurer. Ihr dürft selber entscheiden ob die besser ist. Erstes Video gibt es in Tour 16´zu sehen.

Under jacket!

My latest achievement. An under jacket. When the temperature is around 7 degrees, as is just the case in the Taunus at night, you can quickly turn your light summer jacket into a temperature-compatible "winter jacket" with this jacket. This part can be made so small that it is easy to take with you. There are around 70 euros.

Powervision 3

Powervision 3

I was worried about the Powervision to deal with my Scout's mistakes. But it turned out that all the mistakes I had to deal with went away on their own when the cause was resolved.

Nevertheless, this device can support because it can be used to change the values.

Motor tuning is of course also possible with it.

If someone has a mistake with which he can not continue, please contact me.




With this good piece I take the pictures of my trips. Is chinaware for about 60 euros.

The 4K can have a stabilizer and a built-in micro.

I won't say more about that.

At some point, something good has to come from.

TomTom Rider

TomTom Rider

On my trips, the TomTom helps me to find the places I want. I treated myself to the cheaper version without theft protection because I think the security is only a show. The device gets a power supply from the motorcycle so that you don't have to worry about "power failure" even on long trips.

Otherwise I really like the GPS. Lots of setting options, very quickly when changing course and has already fallen down without being damaged. Map updates from around the world for free and even stationary wheel traps are displayed. Petrol stations, biker clubs and other places you should have seen too.

You can connect the device to your mobile phone and headset via Bluetooth and even answer Whatsapps while driving with a specified function.

I have a problem with avoiding unpaved roads. TomTom and I have different opinions about what unpaved roads are. For fun trips there is a thrill setting and you can also choose a route with many tight bends. My moped prefers long curves, which is not a problem either. Avoid highways is also available. Of course there is also a display and sensitivity settings. If you get a flash and that was a mistake, you can also use the device to prove the speed. Whether that counts in court is another question. The device records all routes if you want and you can then view them in the Mydrive. Route planning on the PC is also possible.

There is also a community where many routes are available for descendants.

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